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Monday, January 7, 2008

It All Makes Sense

Here, just....go and read this now - its the update on Steve Downie.

There's a new name for my pain....and it is Colin Campbell.

I really am dumbstruck by this decision. I mean, I already had my bar set low - I was counting on the punishment to be light. What I didn't expect was that I would have to amend that statement by having to say it thusly:

I was counting on the punishment being light, if anything at all.

Let's run down the list of things wrong with this situation:

  • He's already a previous offender
  • He plays on a team with an outright bad track record this year
  • The NHL Commissioner already issued a threat against the team if more of this kept up
  • It's Downie's fifth NHL game played and he's already got more suspension games than that under his belt

What a joke. These clowns in charge should be ashamed of themselves and most of all, they should all be terminated from their positions.

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