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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Cost of Words

Colin Campbell's Wheel of Justice was called in to weigh the cost of words against NHL Officials in regard to Joel Quenneville's loony outburst after Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals.

The Wheel spit out a $10,000 fine for these words:

“I think we witnessed probably the worst call in the history of sports there,” Quenneville said after the game. “Nothing play. “They scored, it’s 3-0. They ruined a good hockey game and absolutely destroyed what was going on the ice. … Never seen anything like it.”


Let's go back down the notable checklist of punishments from the Wheel of Justice.

It all makes complete sense.

Stupid NHL.


Avrey said...

thats not the only thing.. What about the genius idea to have a tv contract with versus.. the channel is so obscure, hundreds of thousands of people cannot see it on their basic cable set up. There is the total raping the NHL receives from NBC, (cutting out an overtime elimination game for a rained out horse race) and on top of it all, old time hockey is slowly becoming obsolete.

Fuck Gary Bettman, why is he still the commissioner?

Goon said...

That is true the NHL has been all over the place this season with their discipline and punishment.