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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Faces In New Places: Montreal and Toronto

Because I'm a video game dork, in particular with NHL games (well, OK EA Sports' NHL game) and the summer leaves a dearth of fun NHL news to talk about, it's time for me to flex my video game photo taking skills and give you an idea of what some of the new players in new places are going to look like in their snazzy new uniforms.

I'll do a few of these photo galleries because I'm that bored and I have that kind of time. Suck it.

This gallery will feature two teams who have done quite a bit this off-season. It also helps that they're huge rivals with each other.

I bring you the newest Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens. Feel free to click the photos to enlarge them at your leisure.

Scott Gomez slams on the brakes in front of Matthew Stajan and Colton Orr.

Brian Gionta celebrates a goal he didn't score.

Mike Cammalleri lets a shot rip from the slot while Mike Komisarek sprawls out to block it.

Paul Mara skates head to head with Colton Orr.

Mike Komisarek lurks behind the net while Garnet Exelby defends. Jonas Gustavsson holds down the fort.

Jaroslav Spacek races through the slot to let a wrist shot fly.

Hal Gill does something other than stand around.

Travis Moen celebrates like a douchebag after scoring a back-breaking shorthanded goal. Francois Beauchemin stands by stoically.


jamestobrien said...

I enjoyed this far too much. Jesus I'm a dork.

Hockey Joe said...

You enjoy it and I'm enjoying putting it together. Sure beats writing that's for sure!

Oh, wait...

furcifer said...

One issue. Gustavsson is not giving up any goals to those dirty Habs.

Anthony Woods said...

I can't wait for NHL 10. The Xbox demo is out Aug 18th GO LEAFS(yeah, I'm one of those guys)

Victor said...

how did u do that? i'm talking from brazil, and i'm a fanatic LEAFs Fan... and i luv to play nhl 09

Grrrreg said...

Simply seeing a virtual Komisarek in this jersey hurts. 2009-10 is going to be weird.

Host PPH said...

wow that hockey video game looks pretty real and I would love to play it with my son, I am so excited about it